Alchemists are those who use magic and other powers to turn one substance into another. This most prominently manifests itself in attempts to turn lead, or some equally valueless substance, into gold. The most common practice however, is the transformation of some common and some less common herbs into poultices and potions that can be used to cure various ailments or to main and kill. While many have claimed to achieve the former, there has yet to be any substantial proof. These claimants most commonly cite the Dictionary of Dichotomy by Lueckeriam as the source of their knowledge and success. The failure to produce true gold has not hindered their attempts however. Con men still seek to learn how to make passable imitations to use in their ventures. The most notably success, was the Swindle of Po'Ves in 307DF.


- Hass Melortaan, Left Hand of House Kithrerian.

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