Annenduæl, Leadenscale was an elder dragon, born in the early first age. After his several century long plot, he was able to seize power of the majority of the realm. While this grip only lasted 58 years, it did mark the start of the second age, and is the cause of the calendar name Dragon Fire. Ruling from the Red Tower of the North, he spread fire on all who would attempt to oppose him. He was considered a tyrant, but let many small kingdoms retain their self governance as long as hefty reparations were paid. His grip over the lands was loosened as several other close "allies" left his side in search of power of their own. This left many kingdoms with little to no pressure over them to continue propaganda campaigns, and soon ushered in the end of the Worldfire. The regime ended with the war lead by Gung' dar, and the Knights of Stonestride.

- Evhai, Ex-Grand Inquisitor
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