Aonterrifer if full of religious scholars and archaeologists, focusing on uncovering information about civilizations before their own. The people of this magnificent city use the archaeological evidence of past civilizations to learn about what happened in ancient cities and better their knowledge to compete with adjacent territories such as the city of Mo'rtoothneamh city of Plenty. Without focusing on military or economical power, Aonterrifer finds that the real value in life is the beauty of history. These people take previous archaeological designs and incorporate all of them into their own architecture in order to create new wonders. Everywhere you look in Aonterrifer, their will be a new design to admire its beauty and value, but if you don't, the people of Aonterrifer may not be so kind to you. Aonterrifer ruled by Lykos Andrastos, the Pious from year 234-273DF.

- Coeus Cepheus, the Redeemed

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