Archillia is a powerful unseen energy that can be manipulated, focused, channeled, or otherwise molded to a particular efficion to intensify the effects of the wielder. Archillia was discovered at the Battle of Broken Wing Gorge (32 DF) when a general of the Pentalian force, General Reikshen, suddenly fell when no arrow had struck him, nor no sword had pierced him. The battle ceased around him as he began to yell whilst he crawled on all fours.

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Suddenly the earth began to pulsate and shake and General Reikshen let out another shout before he was launched high in the air. His body began to glow and beams of purplish energy slowly extended from his fingers, feet, and face. His back arched and he screamed as his body was ripped apart by the energy welled within him.

A massive concussive blast followed and the Gorge was struck by bouts of archillia channeled from an unskilled source causing it to crack and rupture. The men around him were instantly turned to ash. The battle ceased for three days as both the Pentalians and Tromonns rallied new forces to continue the fight.

A year after the Conquest of Pentalia ended, Magi from the School of Barshoa investigated the reports of General Reikshen. They found there a pool of archillia as their efficions were more attuned. Many Magi died due to the discovery of raw power during the Great Surge. After a few months, the Magi who survived, later named Magi of the First, cataloged their results, brought their findings back to the School of Barshoa, perfected the manipulation of archillia, and began teaching the new lessons to apprentices.

- Deramor Tythe, Barshoa Savant

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