AbberragrotAderon, Forest of the BeginningsAlchemists
Algaziea, the Island of Cursed KingsAlpacasAnnenduæl, and the World Fire
Antamaer, Wind of the SouthAonterrifer, City of ResearchAonterrifer Catacombs
ArchilliaArnon Prime, The Lost WorldBanditi
Baolenthrak, the HellstormBattle for The KingsBattle of Broken Wing Gorge
Battle of the Demon GateBegariumBhaltiar the BoonBringer
Bleeding BlewitBloody ShoresBlusterkin
Bordenshire, City of BardsCassander Arsenios, the CrazedCoeus Cepheus, the Redeemed
Deramor Tythe, Barshoa SavantDictionary of Dichotomy by LueckeriamDragon Fire
Drakes, CurrencyEaonEroas
Evhai, Ex-Grand InquisitorFirst Great WarFive Armies of Nor
FociGeneral ReikshenGeneral Zagzim
Gollems of BloodGreat Golden Clouds of the SouthGung' dar, and the Knights of Stonestride
Hass Melortaan, Left Hand of House KithrerianHeiferHelkai
HumansKnights of GuinoloLexicon Game (Dalentar) Wiki
LichmothistsLlamasLord Oloeak Pegason the Undaunted
Lykos Andrastos, the PiousLyranthian EnergyMaegis of the Drift
Magi of the FirstMelkas RevannMo'rtoothneamh, City of Plenty
MountontonMythiīlēon musical pentameterMÿthlarine and the Iron Legions
Ozymandias, Codexmaster of the Deephalls in the City of ParadoxPentaliaPlains of Darthmoor
PrimeatosRaphiil the Red DrakeRequisanto Cuinellingo, 3rd Dean of the Bards College
Rith Sirramon, Religious Scholar of King TanitrusRogath Libergan, the EnlightenedScandar, The Curious
School of BarshoaSecond Age- 0DF to 500DFSiege of Vakseg Neylor
Stolas, Siren of CalamitySwindle of Po'VesThe Filing Cabinet
The KingsThorla the TheoristTrapper (Person)
TromonnVelanor the EagerWulfgrom Hæwith
Xanaster Fylazeiros, Strider of WorldsXensongXerxes Arasamus, Humbler of Men
XovusYunalesca the HolyZhaegar, Slayer of Many
ZingwingÅrentethine, the Arboreal GuardianÆther
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